The Happy Dog is well equipped to help your pet who suffers from behavioural issues, the well being of both pets and staff is approached with passion and structure. Our professional caring instructors understand the need for special communication and environmental management when caring for any animal which suffers with behavioural issues.

Our professional dog trainers have experience in handling all situations, should your pet require a special suite then we can provide this at our centre, we can also suggest ways of handling the issues you may face, along with target training, leash manners, sit, stay, down and advanced manner techniques, all which will help your dog feel at ease and content.

Along with hands on care from our trained team we have the assistance of 24/7 webcams allowing us to check in on our dogs at all times. Our commitment to care is second to none and our staff are true pet care professionals.

Your pet deserves the best; we are here for them and for you.